About Us

The brand

A beautiful Parisian story

Parisian inspiration, passionate adventure & invitation to travel

Who are we ?

Founded in 2010, Bobbies is a Parisian house of exceptional shoes and leather goods. Designed in Paris, our creations are developed in Portugal from raw and noble skins of Italian origin. Our passion helps us create unique models that are easy to wear, timeless yet fashionable, edgy yet iconic. Our calling : to conquer women’s hearts, inspire the men’s and see them together stepping all over the Parisian pavement !

Our inspiration

An invitation to travel, between Parisian chic, bohemian spirit and a longing for adventures: our creations are inspired by magical explorations around the world. Nestled in our right bank studio, we create an array of shoes and leather goods in a range of intense colors that simply reflect our sunny memories. Each season, our team takes to the road to immortalize the collections in a free adventurous odyssey.

Our know-how

An ancient tradition

All the creations are made in Portugal in our São João da Madeira workshops, a region renowned all over the world for its know-how in leather crafts. The making of a pair of shoes or a small leather item is true precision work and is carried out in accordance with the traditional know-how. The key words used by our craftsmen : authenticity, sense of detail and a small glass of Porto after eating melon.

Our commitments

A responsible approach

People and the environment are our main concerns: manufacturing handled hand in hand with family-owned workshops in Portugal, daily attention for our customers, an ecological approach and sustainable materials to save the Planet. Bobbies is a passionate family who has been growing for 10 years in order to design accessories that are ever-desirable, poetic and ethical.

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